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Rick was at inniskillen fooling around with expensive icewine,,,,RMR: Rick and Icewine


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Lots of good information here about Tesla.   Nikola Tesla designed the first hydroelectric power plant at Niagara Falls, New York which started producing electrical power in 1895.  This was the beginning of the electrification of the United States and the rest of the world.  Today, Tesla's AC electricity is lighting and powering the globe.  Nikola Tesla is the genius who lit the world.


Tesla Monument at Goat Island, Niagara Falls, New York.  Gift of Yugoslavia to the United States, 1976.
Nikola Tesla designed the first hydro-electric power plant in Niagara Falls.  This was the final victory of Tesla's Alternating Current over Edison's Direct Current.  The monument was the work of Croatian sculptor Frane Krsinic.  


Hydroelectricity in Ontario, a new boring project.


Sir Adam Beck Hydroelectric Power Stations
Sir Adam Beck Hydroelectric Power Stations are two hydroelectric power stations in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. The stations divert water from the Niagara and Welland Rivers above the falls which is then released into the lower portion of the river, and together produce up to 1,600 MW.

Adam Beck I contains 10 generators and first produced power in 1922. It was originally called the Queenston Chippawa power station and was renamed after Adam Beck in 1950 on the twenty fifth anniversary of his death. The water is diverted through the Chippawa-Queenston Power Canal canal from the Welland River.

Adam Beck II contains 16 generators and first produced power in 1954. The water is diverted from the Niagara River above the falls through underground pipes. A reservoir was created that permits the holding of water, diverted during the night, for use during the day. Adam Beck II is currently undergoing major modification in the form of the Niagara Tunnel Project in order to improve its generation output. This new tunnel is expected to be in operation by late 2013.

The Northeast Blackout of 1965 was caused by a tripping transmission line from Adam Beck II.


Welland  Canal. Bridge No. 5. I have crossed this bridge many times.


This shows a ship in the Welland canal , going into a lock , and the door closing, and the ship being raised up.


The Blizzard of 1977. Do you know where you were in Buffalo during that time? I was at work. I stayed and slept at my desk that night. The police were telling everyone to stay off the streets . Next day I risked it and drove home in bad conditions. I was lucky . Here are some email and  you tubes that describe that time.
The Blizzard of 1977 was a deadly blizzard that hit upstate New York and Southern Ontario from January 28 to February 1, 1977. Daily peak wind gusts ranging from 46 to 69 mph (74 to 111 km/h) were recorded. (National Weather Service Buffalo Office 2006a).

Weather conditions during the months prior to the blizzard allowed the blizzard to have the impacts that it did. November's, December's and January's average temperatures were below normal. Lake Erie froze over by December 14; an ice-covered Lake Erie usually puts an end to lake-effect snow because the wind can not pick up moisture from the lake's surface, convert the moisture to snow and then dump it when the winds reach shore.

Lake Erie was covered by a deep, powdery snow; January's unusually cold conditions limited the usual thawing and refreezing, so the snow on the frozen lake remained powdery. The drifted snow on roadways was difficult to clear because the strong wind packed the snow solidly, almost like a form of cement. In addition to the roads becoming impassable, motorists had to deal with vehicles breaking down.

In the hardest-struck areas, snowmobiles became the only viable method of transportation. In Western New York and southern Ontario, snow which was accumulated on frozen Lake Erie and snow on the ground at the start of the blizzard provided ample material for the high winds to blow into huge drifts. The combination of bitter cold, high winds, and blowing snow paralyzed areas affected by the storm. Lake Ontario does not freeze over, which meant that northern New York had to deal with considerable lake-effect snow, which when coupled with the existing snow cover and wind, created paralysis.

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Niagara Falls Bridge Collapse, January , 1938


Niagara Falls, NY Bridge Collapse, Jan 1938 | Gen Disasters ... Genealogy in Tragedy, Disasters, Fires, Floods.   

"HONEYMOON BRIDGE" COLLAPSES WITH LOSS OF MILLION DOLLARS. Niagara Falls, N. Y., Jan. 28 -- (AP) -- An international crowd of several thousand lined the lofty banks of Niagara Gorge today for a glimpse of twisted steel and concrete on the icy carpet far below -- all that remained of America's famous "Honeymoon Bridge." With a roar that drowned the cataract's thunder, the towering structure succumbed late yesterday to a 30-hour battering by the worst Niagara river ice jam in 30 years.