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DEREK WALKER attended PC from 1947 to 1953. He then graduated at the London School of Economics, majoring in International Relations. Since then he has continued to live in London. His wife, Margaret, is a Londoner. For ten years he worked as a journalist and in 1966 became Education Officer of the Voluntary Committee on Overseas Aid and Development. When VCOAD was dissolved in 1977 he became Director of the Centre for World Development Education, later renamed WorldAware. For ten years he chaired the European Development Education Curriculum Network. In January 1997 he was awarded the OBE. Since his retirement in 2000 he has relaxed by writing fiction and has published six novels to date. Titles of the books are: Fond Delusions; Misrule Britannia; Faking News; Sense and Sensuality; A Casual Conquest; Sleep Quietly in Your Beds. Amazon Links

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