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(Many thanks to Victor Gordon for permission to use his articles)


Marian Chambers (nee Mitchell) and Michael Spathaky have great pleasure in announcing their engagement to be married. A wedding ceremony will take place in Sydney, Australia on 28th July followed by a wedding blessing in Oadby, Leicestershire, UK on 6th October.

Michael and Marian were in the same form at Portadown College from 1953 to 1956 and they were girl-friend and boy-friend during the last year of that time when they were in Form 3A. In 1956 Michael's family returned to England. They continued to correspond for a while and then lost touch. Marian left the College in 1959, married Sammie Chambers in 1962 and moved to England. In 1981 they moved to Sydney with their three children. Sammie died of a brain tumour in 1998.

Michael married Diana Jones in 1964 and they lived in Oadby, Leicestershire where they brought up their two children.

In 2001 while Marian was visiting the UK, she saw Michael's name in the Portadown College list on the web site Friends Reunited. They made contact (after 45 years!) and Marian made a brief visit to Michael and Diana. In 2002 Michael lost his soul mate too when Diana died of a brain tumour.

Recently Michael has spent much of his time in Sydney. After their marriage Marian and Michael plan to spend half of each year based in Sydney and half in Oadby, so as to keep in touch with all their five children and nine grandchildren and their many friends and relations in Australia, England and Ireland.

A party is being planned in Northern Ireland in September. Watch this space!

Best Wishes,

Marian Chambers and Michael Spathaky.



This one was taken at our wedding blessing at St Peters Parish Church, Oadby on 6th Oct 2007. L to R: Ivan and Muriel Weir, Michael and Marian, Gary and Ann Cranston (nee Patterson).

This photo was taken at our Lurgan celebration on 15th Sept 2007 showing Michael, Marian, Kenny Graham, Nola Nixon, Ann Carson (nee Finch) and Eunice McDonald (nee Gardiner).


Another photo taken at our Lurgan celebration on 15th Sept 2007. L to R: Eunice McDonald (nee Gardiner), Freddie Watson, Gary Cranston (not PC), Ann Cranston (nee Patterson), Michael and Marian, Pat Douglas (nee McGuiness), Nola Nixon, Ann Carson (nee Finch) and Pat Watson (nee Farrell).


Wedding Guests - Sydney, Australia on 28th July 2007.