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These first six pictures of the 'Class of 1972' and comments were provided by Clive Stanley.
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This is mostly the years of '71 & '72 on a school
trip to Caux-sur-Montreux in Switzerland 1969. I
took the photo so I'm not in this one. Could
probably name everyone else though apart from
the two at the top right (they were Swiss guys
who infiltrated into the photo).
This was taken at our "50th Birthdays Party"
reunion (when we all turned 50!). I am seated at the
table in the blue shirt.
From left to right: David Anderson, Anne Moore
(nee Cardwell), Susan Anderson (nee McDonagh),
Clive Stanley and Kathryn Lavery.
"50th Birthdays Party"
for the Reunion Class of 1972.
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This photo was taken in 1971. From left to right
Ronnie Withers (now a GP in Portadown),
Michael Scott (went somewhere in U.S.),  Alan
(Barney) McGonigle (now teacher and head of
P.E. dept in Friends School Lisburn, & Grame
(Tackles) McElroy originally from Gilford now
England. The photo was taken in Lisniskey Lane
where folks used to nip out to at lunchtime for a
smoke!! Note the hairstyles!! 
This is me about 21 years ago pictured alongside
my 1955 Messerschmitt KR200. This was when I
was a junior doctor in training and the photo was
taken outside of Craigavon Area Hospital in
Portadown where I worked at the time. 
This was taken in summer of 1972 and consists
mostly of PC people. We were on holiday. It's
taken at Kelly's caravan site in Portrush. Well that's
as far as we went in those days! Note my Triumph
Herald car also in this photo. I got great use from
that old car. 
These next three 'Class of 72' pictures provided by David Barriskill.  David Barriskill.  Click to view larger.
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Left to right: John Douglas, James Hampton, Brian
Irwin and Clive Stanley.
Left to Right: James Hampton, Brian Irwin, David
Barriskill, Clive Stanley and John Douglas.
School trip to the West Indies:
Group at bottom right of steps:
Left to right: Brian Irwin, Pauline Matchett,
Darryl Silcock and James Hampton.
Barney McGonigle. Click to view larger.  Some more Class of 72 Reunion pictures provided by Barney McGonigle.
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L to R: Ann Cardwell, Ian Boyd, Diane Rusk, Clive
Stanley and Susan McDonagh.
Barney McGonigle & Doreen Toal Maxwell Murray &  Gillian English
Image Image Image
Mr. S. Chapman & Brian Wilson L to R: Kenny Harrison, Eleanor Irwin, Olive Sinton
and Mervyn Adamson.
L to R: Margaret Todd, Dorothy Henderson,
Winifred McKeown and Nicholas Bloch.
Image Image Image
Maxine Moore & Pamela Turkington Jenny Crozier & Annesley Renshaw Ronnie Beggs & Thomas  Hanvey
Image Image Image
L to R:  Hillary Carrick, Beulah Templeton,
Stephanie Weir, Margaret McNabb and Roberta
"Birthday Cake" L to R: Kathryn Lavery, Trevor Black, Ronnie
Beggs and James Hampton.
  L To R: Brian Eakin, Harry Eakin, Norman
McFadden and Paul Major.

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