Logo  Class of 1960 - 50th Anniversary Reunion on 5th June 2010 at Seagoe Hotel.
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Enjoying the Portadown College golden anniversary reunion are: Front row left to right: Ellen Parkinson and Muriel Weir (wives of ex-students), Jean McLean (nee Martin), Marian Spathaky (nee Mitchell), Jean Forsythe (nee Bullock), Elizabeth Cushnie (nee Ruddock), Mabel Martin (nee Williamson) and Sheila Tinsley (nee Jeffers); Middle row left to right: Edward Anderson, Kenneth Graham, Alan Menaul, Ivan Weir, Maurice Cushnie, George Ruddock, Malcolm Parkinson, Peter Graham, Michael Gordon and Michael Spathaky; Back row left to right: David Burnett Graham Martin, Colin Loughead, Morgan Johnson, Harry Blair, Ken Stewart, George Woodman, Henry Keys, Bert Stronge, John Spencer and Stanley Robinson. [Miriam (Mann) Duke and Kathleen (Mulholland) McClelland attended the reunion but are not in the photo].
Good memories as College classmates roll back the years.
Thirty former students of Portadown College rolled back the years by half a century when they took part in a reunion on Saturday, 5th June 2010. The Seagoe Hotel's Upper Gallery was alive with chat and reminiscence as the group caught up on some life-changing events, and some more mundane ones, which had taken place since they were students at the College from 1953-1960.

At that time, the school was situated at Bann House in Bridge Street, and the reunion included a tour of the old building. The event was informal with lots of time just to chat in small groups; many people brought newspaper cuttings, photographs and other memorabilia which were pored over with great interest. The furthest travellers were Malcolm Parkinson and Ed Anderson from the USA, while Ivan Weir and Michael and Marian (Mitchell) Spathaky came over from England and Jean (Martin) McLean from Scotland. Some people had not met each other since leaving the College so conversations continued apace over an excellent lunch.

Afterwards, the invited guest speaker, George Woodman, Northern Ireland Assembly librarian, gave a talk about his father Donald Woodman, the charismatic head of the College in the 1950s. George's knowledge of the family background, education and early career of the headmaster gave a fascinating insight into what made him such an outstanding head teacher and person. (SEE THIS LINK)

Afternoon tea was a further opportunity for reminiscing and then everyone moved down to the old College site by the Bann for a tour of the buildings by site manager Quinten Millar. Michael Spathaky said, "The original classroom block of Bann House has been demolished but people still recounted tales of the teachers whose classrooms were there: Miss Knox and Miss Harvey, Jimmy Chambers, 'Bud' Graham, 'Paddy' Navan and others. The Assembly Hall, the Cloisters and the 'New Building' were not much changed while the bike shed area, now overgrown with nettles and bushes, was the source of a few stories. It was a memorable end to a memorable day!"
Above: Sports stars from the past recall their glory days at the College.
From left: Stanley Robinson, Colin Loughead, Bert Stronge, Graham Martin, John Spencer, Pete Graham, Michael Gordon and Henry Keys.
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L to R: Muriel Weir, Jean Bullock,
Bert Stronge & George Ruddock.
Ivan Weir & George Woodman L to R: Alan Menaul, Stanley Robinson
& Marian Chambers
L to R around table: David Burnett,
Morgan Johnson, Colin Loughead,
Ivan Weir & George Woodman.
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Shiela Tinsley, Jean Martin,
Kathleen McClelland & Malcolm Parkinson.
L to R: John Spencer, Henry Keys
and Ken Stewart.
David Burnett & Alan Menaul M & E. Parkinson, Miriam Mann,
Mabel Williamson & Graham Martin.
6 7 8 malcolm
L to R: David Burnett, Ed Anderson,
Morgan Johnson & Stanley Robinson.
L to R: Jean Martin, George Ruddock,
Ken Stewart & Bert Stronge.
L to R: Graham Martin, Ed Anderson,
Michael Gordon, Ken Stewart & Bert Stronge.
Malcolm Parkinson
spencer & gordon michael and ivan marian and kenny ed anderson
John Spencer & Michael Gordon Michael Spathaky & Ivan Weir Marian Mitchell & Kenny Stewart Ed Anderson
kenny stewart ivan & jean Image
Kenny Stewart Ivan Weir & Jean Martin