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We are delighted to welcome you to the PC Alumni website. We hope this site will help you to stay connected with the school, to be kept informed of Alumni events and to get involved with the school as a past student and help preserve the history, traditions, reputation and achievements of PC. You will be able to send in and view photos of alumni, find out about alumni events, provide your contact information and find long lost school friends, etc. We also wish to encourage social contact between former pupils and staff.

Where are you now? We have been keeping in touch with past students for a number of years now and have loved to hear how their lives and careers have developed since leaving the school. With your help, we would like to build upon our links and find out where more of our past students are now. We know there are many of you dotted all around the UK, around the world and in various professions so do get in touch.

Share your memories of PC in the 'Memory Lane' section. Check out the News/Notices page for announcements and articles of interest to former pupils. We also love to hear about the progress and lives of former PC students and their success stories. See the 'Notable Alumni' section of site and get in touch if you wish to see someone added. There are numerous clickable 'Contact' links in the various sections of the site.

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UK/Australia Marian Spathaky (nee Mitchell) EMAIL
Canada Geoff Turner EMAIL
New Zealand Denis Gordon EMAIL
Continental Europe Helen Richardson (nee Hewitt) EMAIL
England Ivan Weir EMAIL
UK Sheila Tinsley (nee Jeffers) EMAIL
Scotland 1 Jean Ower (nee Martin) EMAIL
Scotland 2 Lucy McCausland EMAIL
South Africa John Sandford EMAIL
USA Ian McCluskey EMAIL
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