We remember especially those school-friends who are no longer with us.  We are grateful to have shared their lives for those happy years as their friendship helped to make us what we are today.

Class of: NOTE: Names in paler blue text are links.
1923 J Evelyn MacCallum Cecil McCallum  
1931 George Liddell    
1935 W Terry Seale Maude McBride (Jeffers)  
1936 Frederick C. Calvert    
1938 Theo J Seale (Link 2)  Waldo Maguire Charles Whiteside
Lily Newport    
1939 Maurice Ashdown H. G. Clendinning  
1940 Wm Edgar Parkes    
1941 Wm H Wolsey    
1943 Rodney Walker    
1948 Alexander Walker    
1949 James Mehaffey    
1950 Denys Hawthorne Garfield England Jack Carrick
1952 Denis Reavie    
1953 Esther McClelland Ken McClelland Geoffrey Twinem
Dr. D Edgar Page    
1955 Derek Aldred Derek Logan Sam Gardiner
Errol McCreedy Maureen Wilson/McAdam Desmond Alister
1956 Ernest Nicholson Victor Locke  
1957 John Paterson Carlo Tortolani David Partridge
Ronnie Simpson    
1958 Jim Edgar Harry Page Victor Gordon
Uel Fulton    
1960 Norma Bell Hannah Gilpin Michael Sherman
Archie Moore Gerald Rankin Aileen Greenaway
Ted McClatchie    
1961 Norman Graham Brian McVitty Rosemary Robinson
Philip Wilson Bryan Mortimer  
1962 Dale North David Walker Leslie Jones
Des Johnston    
1963 Daniel Thompson Will McKee Janet Anderson
Ann Patternson    
1964 Renee Clingan David Martin  
1965 Norman Kerr David McCracken Aileen Finch
1966 Noel McCluskey Olive Craig G R Harrison
Harden Carter
1967 Jacqueline Greeves David Cree Ann Thompson
John Girling John Gray Maureen Brown
1968 Gillian Anderson    
1969 Michael Fullerton Charlie Cullen Philip Bailie
Mary Finlay Kenneth Mathers Niall Irwin
1970 Philip Caddell    
1971 Judith Carson Jim Uprichard  
1972 Jim Neill Margaret Pearson Trevor Black
Thomas Hanvey Harold Humphries Grace Stevens
Wesley White Billy Tate MBE  
1973 Nigel Williams Pauline Matchett (2)  
1974 John McGonigle Alan Locke Joan Morton
1975 Todd Bentley Danny Forsythe  
1976 Caroline McMahon Janet Gilpin  
1978 Christopher Bentley Irene Benson  
1979 John Montgomery    
1981 John McIlwaine    
1982 Joanne Lynas    
1984/5 Jacky Ingram Myfanwy Jones  
1986 Janet E. Martin    
1998 Laura Robinson John McNally  
1999 Victoria Goward    
2000 Neal Turkington    
2005 Rachel White    
2011 James McMaster    
2013 Stacey Nugent    
2017 Ross Capper

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